Replacement Windows The Zen Way

Never Allow A Window Salesman In Your Home… Ever!
With the internet what it is these days, it’s just not necessary… period.
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There Are 2 Things You Should Know Upfront About Dealing With Zen

  1. No salesman will come to your home.
    We give your quote online and we’ll do that in about 5 minutes.
  2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
    We won’t ask you for a penny (No Down Payment) until your window replacements are installed and you are 100% satisfied. That means the pressure is on us to provide you with top quality replacement windows and an installation that is 2nd to none.

When you work with Zen Windows of Austin, you won’t have to deal with salespeople who apply sales gimmicks, pricing games or high pressure sales tactics.

  • The replacement window price you’ll be quoted will be a price that does not include a salesman’s commission. There is no salesman, you deal directly with the Zen Windows owner.
  • The price you’ll be quoted does not include cost of a fancy showroom or a large staff of people to run a replacement window showroom. Our showroom is here!
  • The price you’ll be quoted will be for windows that compare directly (or better) with any top brand a salesman has shown you, stood on or held a blow torch to. (They have to be awesome windows that you’ll love or we don’t get paid!)
  • The price you’ll be quoted will include your window installation and lifetime warranty on the windows, patio doors, glass and even the screens. You’ll never spend another dime on your windows again.
Austin Tx Replacement Windows Replacement Windows in the Austin Tx Area

Zen Windows is where you go if you just want to pay for the windows and the installation.

Affordable and elegant replacement windows for Austin Tx HomesZen Windows was founded in Columbus Ohio where we’ve built a reputation with our customers that is unmatched by any other window company… Anywhere!

Our customers simply love how Zen Windows does business and they love what our windows do for their homes.  Zen Windows sets itself apart from the competition with our “no pressure” online or over the phone quoting process and our craftsmanship in window installation.  Your replacement windows purchasing experience with Zen Windows of Austin will be truly unique.

We have been replacing windows in Austin for four years now and been building straight A ratings from our customers as we have in other areas of the country. (Check out our reviews on Austin’s Angies List, BBBGoogle Reviews)

We’re often asked… “How can you give accurate
quotes without coming to my house?”

Simply put, with the state of the internet today and state of the art smart phone cameras, the only real reason a home visit for a quote makes sense is for a salesman to apply pressure or sales gimmicks.

That practice alone requires companies to mark up their windows more, just to cover the cost of their sales force. Most have fancy showrooms as well which further adds to the cost that must be passed on to their customers.

At Zen Windows, we have neither. You will always be dealing directly with the owner, not a salesman. And if you’ve been to a showroom or two, you’ve probably not noticed a dimes worth of difference from one window make to the next. The look, function and features of Zen’s Windows is just like the ones you’ve seen anywhere else. The difference is that at Zen Windows, you won’t be paying for all the overhead.

These short videos explains how Zen makes getting a window quote super easy!


Will we be the lowest window quote you get?

Picture Window Replacement Austin TxProbably not.  There are folks out there installing inferior windows.  But we will be a far cry from the price of those brands that do all the TV commercials.  We don’t sell low end windows or have sloppy installers, because we don’t get paid unless you are happy with your windows and installation. So, we can’t deliver junk!

To make sure you’re happy with them, we can’t attempt to deliver inferior windows and doors installed by people who tear up your house installing them. So our windows and our installers are top notch. That’s where we put our money, in the windows and in the best installers, not in a salesman’s wallet or an expensive showroom setup or in over the top advertising.

But the best part is, you can find out what the Zen price is without a hassle, without pressure, without pricing games or gimmicks and you can know the price of the windows in about 5 minutes. All it takes is a quick call or simply fill out the form to the right.

That’s it. Done.

Our Process Is Simple!

  1. You call or email or fill out our form on the site.
  2. We need to ask you a few questions about what you want. This will take about 3-10 minutes on the phone. (This can also be accomplished via email if you prefer.)
  3. In as little as 5 minutes later you get your quote.
  4. When/if you want to proceed, you simply let us know and our installation foreman will come out to measure and order your windows.
  5. 2-4 weeks later (depending on what you order) your windows will arrive in Austin and our installation foreman will give you a call to set up your installation.
  6. When done, and when you are 100% happy with your new windows and/or doors, that’s when you pay for them.

Why would you want to do it any other way?

If you’ve read this far down the page, you probably are looking for a great option to replace your windows or patio doors. You just want to know the price. Give us a call, or email, or fill out the form to the right and we’ll let you know in about 5 minutes. (512) 966-9595

This is our way. This is the “Zen” way.


Here is what a few of our customers have to say about our process and service…

Customer: Russ, Burnet Tx – June 2017

Time for inefficient 20 year-old metal framed windows to go. Important to me were quality material, good construction, energy efficient, good installation, and a good guarantee.

I read lots of online reviews, paid attention to types of frame material, glass and coatings. All the important factors about replacement windows were falling into place as I was collecting this information about the current marketplace. I wanted to see lots of good reviews and satisfied customers. A major concern about vinyl was alleviated. It was good to know they would last through all the Texas summers. Zen Windows had the pieces of the puzzle for which I was searching. I trusted everyone’s review and didn’t get involved with lengthy sales presentations.

Megan and I bounced a few questions back and forth, mostly about the big porch, and she requested pictures – these are custom windows. So I question and request, she suggests, and the manufacturer says they can do it. And I have a quote. Megan sends the final word with NO small print. After I agree, we schedule Martin to come out and measure.

Order – deliver – install. The factory broke one piece of glass – no big deal; slight delay.

Martin and his crew were really good – obviously not their first rodeo. This was a three day job and everyone had their specialty. 25 windows were removed and 20 installed. The very big porch windows were combined as sliders. We purchased triple-pane with low-E coatings in double-hung and some sliders. They are solid and really well-built.

Martin and crew kept it clean with covers inside and outside to collect the debris. A good cleanup at the end of each day and a good run-through of each window to show me how they operated.

Am I satisfied – yes.

Would I recommend Zen Windows of Austin – yes.


Customer: Jim, Austin Tx – Replaced 14 windows and two sliding glass doors.

I hope this review saves someone a lot of time and trouble. My house had garbage windows that had gotten dirty from the inside and could not be cleaned. I got a bid from Renewal by Andersen to replace them all. $28,000!!! (and this was for their more affordable product line). I got a bid from Home Depot. $18,000. Zen Windows came up with a bid very quickly. As promised, I didn’t have to listen to a lengthy sales presentation or suffer a salesman in my house for hours. Their bid was just over $12,000, and the windows seemed to be at least as high quality as the ones offered by the other two vendors. I am not a contractor and should not be trusted to judge the quality of window manufacture, but my house is now warm in winter and cool in summer and much quieter too.

The windows they put in seem just great and I am very happy with them. I got the ones that are triple-paned and they seem to offer much better insulation (both sound and temperature). The installation was very smooth and these guys treated my home with care and respect. My home had some unusual features (three, odd-shaped architectural windows in the living room) and these guys handled it quite well. I wish I got to write more reviews like this one. These guys were great and I do not hesitate to recommend them.

Customer: MK, Austin Tx – Replaced all the old windows in my home.

I selected Zen Windows-Austin after meeting with 4 different replacement window specialists (including private and large chain companies).  Zen’s responsiveness to my inquiry was immediate, thorough and genuine via phone & email.  The decision to replace windows  is no easy task, when hard earned money can be spent in many places.  I went through all the paces and sat through all the pitches and can save you some time by recommending this company.  The workmanship, lifetime guarantee, and project completion ahead of time were the foundation for no regret.

Service, quality, timeliness-attention to detail, 100% satisfaction.  How often does a company fulfill that these days?

Customer: RD, Austin Tx – Replaced all the old windows in my home and 2 sliding glass doors.

Angie's List Super Service Award for 2016

Zen Windows Austin Received the Angies List
                      Super Service Award for 2014 , 2015 & 2016.                     We are figuring on 2017 as well. (in Dec.)
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