3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Austin Window Installation

Everybody’s good at something, whether it’s cooking five-course meals or eating five-course meals. And just as those blessed with a “green thumb” can apparently do no wrong in a garden, there are people with a natural gift for do-it-yourself home improvement projects. If you were practically born with a hammer in your hand, congratulations. Not only have you found a hobby you love, but you’ve probably saved quite a bit of money in labor costs over the years as well. You might even feel completely at ease with the idea of performing your own Austin window installation. But while we’re obviously biased on the subject here at Zen Windows Austin, allow us to point out some reasons you probably shouldn’t try it.Before And After

1. You may buy the wrong products for the job. To a general handyman or amateur builder, a window is a window – apart from selecting the right shape and dimensions, you can’t really go too far wrong. But the problem is, you can. Sure, you can probably find a basic window that fits the wall space, and you may also be tempted by an irresistibly low price. But you may end up regretting your decision over time, especially if that cheap window does a typically poor job of insulating your home against heat and cold.

Do you know how to choose among double-paned or low-E windows? Are you well versed in U values or other measures? Do you understand the pros and cons of different types of windows, such as casements or awnings versus picture windows? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then you need the advice of a professional window installation company.

2. You might install right over a lurking problem. Your home brewed window installation went perfectly as far as you could tell; the whole thing seemed like a no-brainer for someone with your natural DIY skills. Unfortunately, a little more brain, a closer eye, and some experience might have come in even handier in catching that patch of mold working its way through your drywall. Oh, and all that lead-paint dust you kicked up? You probably shouldn’t have done that. Oh, and about those signs of termite infestation….

You get the point. Professional window installers can spot those red flags and let you know whether you need to have other kinds of work done in your home before (or alongside) your window installation. Moisture-related mold trouble is especially common near leaky windows – exactly the type of conditions that might prompt a window replacement.

3. Where’s your labor guarantee? Your new windows might carry a generous manufacturer’s warrantee – but what guarantee do you have on your own labor? When you let a professional install your windows, you’re protected against any deficiencies or mistakes in the work performed. Our Zen Guarantee covers parts and labor for the lifetime of your windows, and when you need repairs, we’re there for you. So when you’re ready to install a new window, put those tools down and pick up the phone to contact us!