Double-Pane VS Triple-Pane Windows

Double-Pane VS Triple-Pane Replacement Windows In Round Rock TX: Which One is The Better Option?

Previously, we’ve talked about the huge advantages of double-pane replacement windows in Austin TX over their single pane counterparts as far as thermal and sound insulation qualities are concerned. By featuring two panes of glass with inert gases incorporated between the layers, they can effectively minimize your energy usage at home to a huge extent while keeping your indoors comfortable regardless of the time of the year. Now, since double-pane windows are obviously better than single pane units, you probably think that having triple-pane home windows will even be much better. After all, as what they always say, “the more, the merrier,” right?

This isn’t always the case, though because here at Zen Windows Austin, we don’t commonly advise them for our clients.

In essence, triple -pane windows are double-pane windows on steroids. With the same basic principles and structural notions applied, you get an additional sheet of glass and a layer of inert gases for enhanced insulation. Since the sheets are so close together, they don’t change the outer appearance of the windows. Basically, with triple-pane windows, you get windows that look great and perform even better. But the only problem is that in some regions, like for instance in Central Texas, having triple-pane windows at home is unnecessary. We actually only recommend them for clients who need extra protection against:

  • Direct sunlight – If you have a room in your house that is in the receiving end of the full blast of the sun’s rays, then it needs all the protection it can get from the damaging UV rays. In this case, we can install triple-pane windows, but double-pane windows will definitely do for the rest of the rooms of your house.
  • Noise – If your home is located along busy streets, near an airport or anywhere else where dealing with constant noise is a daily battle, installing triple-pane windows is a good idea.

If you’re still trying to decide if a particular room in your house is an ideal candidate for some strategically-positioned triple-pane windows, call us today to help you figure this out.