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How to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

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Protect Your Home With Secure Windows & Thoughtful Planning

Burglaries are always a threat in growing urban areas like Austin, but one of the most important things you can do to prevent break-ins is to secure your windows and doors before leaving. According to the city of Austin, up to one-third of burglaries involve no forcible entry — the residents simply forgot to lock up. Beyond remembering to use your locks, here are a few other tips that can make your home more secure and less tempting to criminals.

Choose High-Quality Windows

At Zen Windows Austin, our products feature strong frames, quality hardware, and durable locks that serve to make your windows as secure as possible without making them hard to use or compromising your view. Our double-hung windows offer a strong but unobtrusive crescent lock that is secure and easy to use. Our awning and casement windows feature a durable crank mechanism that makes it difficult to force the window open, plus a hook lock on the interior that secures the window when closed. Our slider windows feature a lock that secures the operable sash, while bay windows include hook locks on the operable casement-style sashes. We engineer our windows to be as strong and durable as possible for a long service life, but this also offers greater security that can allow you to enjoy your new windows with some added peace of mind.

Close Secure Ground-Floor Windows

Although fresh air and breeze are refreshing in the Texas heat, closing and securing your ground-floor windows and doors makes it far harder to gain entry to your home. Also, be sure to lock second-story windows that overlook a balcony, garage, or porch roof. They are just a quick climb away from becoming an attractive entry point.

Trim Bushes and Hedges Near Windows

It takes time to break into a home without attracting the attention of neighbors. If you have tall bushes in front of your windows, these can provide the cover to obscure burglars from view, giving them the time to carefully force their way in. Keep bushes close to your home short, trimmed, and away from the windows.

Install a Security System

Add a security system with glass-break sensors and visible warning stickers to make thieves think twice about breaking your windows. If they know an alarm will sound, they will likely find an easier target.

Add Security Cameras

Add home security cameras at strategic locations around your home. Today’s models are quite affordable and powerful, and their visible presence will deter break-ins.

Additional Security

For additional peace of mind, devices like sash pins or tack locks can be added to single- or double-hung windows. Security bars are also an option, but choose models with a quick-release function to better balance security and fire safety needs.

Quality Replacement Windows in Austin

Enjoy the benefits of security and safety while enjoying the view with high-quality replacement windows from our team at Zen Windows Austin. We offer double-hung, sliding, casement, picture, and bay windows in a wide range of colors, systems, and finishes to accent your home perfectly. With fast, accurate quotes, a no-hassle sales process, and great financing options with no money down, we make the window replacement process easier than ever.

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