Windows, Moisture, And Your Home

The Connection Between Replacement Windows In Cedar Park TX, Moisture, And Your Home

If you noticed your windows and window sills soaked on the inside even if it is not raining, you’ve got a situation. Chances are that your windows have a serious condensation problem and this can be a source of headache at home.

When windows “sweat”, this can lead to a number of moisture-induced damages to your windows. Typically, windows sweat during the cold seasons of the year as the temperature difference between each side of the glass results in condensation build-up. This is a typical occurrence with single-pane aluminum windows causing water to drip down the glass and pools on the sill. Overtime, the sill can warp and deteriorate. While you can put a towel to absorb the moisture, it doesn’t solve the problem at all because the wet towel will now cause the warping instead.

And mind you, a warped window is just the least of your worries. As the water manages to penetrate into the window frame and directly into the wall, it can damage the wooden support beams, creating visible cracks and inviting termites to feast on your home, your major real estate investment. This situation can also encourage the growth of potentially dangerous and even deadly mold.

The good news is that there is a way for you to prevent the onset of these problems. We at Zen Windows Austin can provide you with double-pane replacement vinyl windows in Austin TX that are more effective than single pane units in preventing condensation. We can even do the adjustments like replacing a water-damaged sill if needed while installing the new windows. A prompt action in any situation can almost always save you a significant amount. In this case, you can save thousands of dollars in water-related home repairs and mold remediation that you will have to pay for later if you don’t take action now. Call us today for our famous 5-minute window quote!