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Window Glass vs. Window Replacement

Window with shattered pane

When a window is broken due to inclement weather or a foul ball, or if you notice fog or condensation between panes, then you need a window repair.

The question is: Should you replace the pane of glass or is it better to have the entire window replaced? Each option has its pros and cons. The Zen Windows Austin team can answer your questions!

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Glass Replacement

Replacing a single pane of glass on a window is usually cheaper in the short term. However, if you break one pane on a double- or triple-paned window, you’ll have to replace both panes. This is because the panes of a window are sealed together, usually with an insulating gas in between. Replacing just the broken pane won’t address the broken seal or the absence of the insulating gas.

Window Replacement

Replacing your entire window when a pane of glass breaks may seem excessive, and it’s true that it will cost more in the short term. Nevertheless, it’s usually the best way to preserve the integrity of the window’s insulation. This also ensures the glass is set properly in its frame and the double or triple panes are properly sealed.

A window replacement is also a great choice if your windows are older or single-paned anyway, as modern windows like those offered by Zen Windows are incredibly energy-efficient.
two casement windows inside living room

Choosing the Best Option

Ultimately, it’s best to replace an entire window instead of just the glass panes when you have a break. It may mean more upfront costs, but the repair will be permanent, installed properly, and more energy-efficient.

It’s also important to leave window replacement to the professionals like those at Zen Windows, so the process is safe and warranty-compliant.

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