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Let your home make a lasting first impression with an entry door that makes a memorable statement. Your entry door is the focal point of your home. It acts as both a gateway and a gatekeeper, ensuring your safety while inviting others to come inside. Learn how to maximize your curb appeal with a quality entry door built to add value to your home and security.

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Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With New Front Doors

A front entrance of a home with a blue door, yellow siding, and a flowerpot in daytime.

Entry doors are an essential feature of your home’s exterior. They can be designed to blend in or stand out, depending on each homeowner’s unique sense of style. Regardless of how you paint them, shape them, or style them, entry doors get attention from visitors and passersby. Because of this, an entry door is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal.

Investing in a high-quality entry door adds value to your home while also adding extra security to your point of entry. The quality of your entry door will also greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency. Investing in an entry door that’s made with the best materials and installed by the experts at Zen Windows Austin can ensure a beautiful, secure entryway.

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Entry Doors from Zen Windows Austin

Choosing an entry door product can feel overwhelming without the guidance of a skilled door installation company familiar with the pros and cons of each kind. To help our customers narrow down their options, we have divided our entry door options into two categories, each with benefits and disadvantages for homeowners to consider:

  • Fiberglass entry doors: Made from two exterior fiberglass skins and molded into any shape with a polyurethane core. The interior foam core acts as a thermal insulator, safeguarding your home from extreme temperatures. Fiberglass doors are moisture-resistant, impermeable to warping and swelling, durable, energy-efficient, and scratch-resistant. One disadvantage of fiberglass doors is the cost. They are more expensive upfront than steel or vinyl options, but the investment is solid since these doors endure much longer than their counterparts.
  • Wood entry doors: Standard wood has been the staple entry door material for years. They are solid and attractive. However, the ability for wood to warp or swell over time due to weather and moisture in the air has made them less popular now that other options like fiberglass and steel are available. Wood doors also require refinishing to prevent damage and to keep them looking sharp.

Our Zen Dojo Entry Door Series provides customers a multitude of options with a process that remains simple and painless. When you need entry door installation services, we supply you with a full brochure and outline all the basic options for you in just a few minutes so you can narrow down your options in no time.

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What to Expect with an Entry Door Installation from Zen Windows Austin

Our team of professional installers will ensure that your entry door investment is solid and lasting. Make a statement and secure your home in style with the ease of a Zen Windows Austin installation. Our no-money-down guarantee will ensure that your product is installed to your liking, or you don’t pay! That’s how confident we are in both our service and the quality we bring to each customer.

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