Front Door

zen_tour_1smThe front door of a house really needs to be strong so that it can withstand the beating of the elements such as the wind, rain, and heat of the sun. Plus, having a strong door is necessary so that you can protect your house from intruders. Aside from making sure that your front door is strong enough, you also want to see to it that it looks nice enough to compliment the overall look of your house. Some of the front doors that are sold in the market today don’t meet these two standards. This is especially true for older models whose materials warp, crack, and delaminate quickly. Some metal doors don’t last that long as well specifically those that have surfaces that peel off.

entry door replacementIf you’re planning to replace your front door, you will have a lot of options to choose from including doors designed with glass panels that let more natural light in your house. You can consider getting wood doors that are specifically made to withstand the beating of the elements better than their older versions. There are also doors which are made from metal and fiberglass but are designed to look like wood. These doors provide more security but cost less.

Have a new front door installed for your home today and improve both its beauty and value. Here at Zen Windows Austin we provide a wide selection of front door styles. We also have a stock of different materials so we can customize a door for you if you want to have something that’s unique for your home.