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Whether you’re getting sliding patio doors for the first time or needing to replace your current sliding doors, Zen Windows has the resources, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right for you.

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What Are Sliding Patio Doors?

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At Zen Windows Austin, we provide many door options to fit your needs, including sliding patio doors. These doors are made of energy-efficient, shatter-proof glass that can handle the rowdiest shenanigans.

Our sliding doors also come with gaskets, aluminum seals, fixed leaves, hook-over locking mechanisms, and engineered stiles providing security and safety for your family for years to come.

Sliding Patio Doors vs. Non-Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors offer many benefits as opposed to non-sliding wooden doors. The design of sliding patio doors gives you the versatility of using glass, letting in more light and illuminating your home.

Unlike non-sliding doors, sliding patio doors save space in your home because they don’t need to open outward or inward, making them ideal for doorways without much surrounding space. They’re also easy to operate, making them easier for children and anyone with weaker arms.

Another benefit to installing sliding patio doors is that they allow you to keep an eye on what’s going on inside from the outside ― or what’s going on outside from inside ― due to their transparency. Being able to keep an eye on the little ones playing outside will give you peace of mind as you go about your daily chores.

Non-sliding doors, as beautiful as they are, don’t always offer the same aesthetic you may be looking for. They require additional space inside or outside the home to open fully, and they can be less energy-efficient.

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Get Your New and Improved Patio Doors from Zen Windows Austin

When looking for a patio door for your home, there’s no better company to do the job other than Zen Windows Austin. Our experts go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service using only the best resources for your installation or replacement project.

We make the process 100% hassle-free. When working with us, you’ll find we don’t require any money down until you’re 100% satisfied with our services. It only takes one call to take the first step toward having your dream patio door!

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Patio Door FAQs

What is a French patio door?

French patio doors are an attractive alternative to sliding patio doors. They feature a pair of doors that are hinged at the outside of the frame. They meet in the middle with no center post or frame to obstruct the doorway, allowing them to swing open and create a wide path in and out of your home.

French doors feature large panes of decorative, energy-efficient glass and attractive hardware. At Zen Windows, we are pleased to offer a variety of French patio doors that would look gorgeous in nearly any Austin home.

Can I replace my sliding glass door with a French patio door?

Yes, sliding patio doors and French patio doors use openings that are similar in height and width. Simply choose a door that is about the same width, and a professional installer can easily complete the replacement.

At Zen Windows, we can recommend the perfect French patio door for your Austin home, and we can provide a professional installation that makes your new door look as if it was always there.

How long should my patio doors last?

Most patio doors will last about 30 years with basic maintenance or longer for high-quality, well-maintained doors. A door’s service life can vary by the brand and quality of the materials used.

At Zen Windows, our patio doors feature great-looking, durable designs and high-quality, low-maintenance materials like vinyl and fiberglass for a long service life. Plus, all our doors feature a full lifetime labor and materials warranty.

Are sliding patio doors safe?

Modern sliding patio doors feature frames, glass, and hardware that are extremely safe and secure while allowing plenty of natural light into your home and providing a gorgeous view.

At Zen Windows, we feature sliding glass doors with shatter-proof glass, extremely durable engineered stiles, and a hook-over latching mechanism for the ultimate in security and safety.

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