Replacing Widows in Austin TxIf you’ve never tried replacing your windows at home, you may be getting a headache from all the information that’s available to you online and from the window companies that you’ve talked to. There are many brands and types of replacement windows in the Austin market today. Not to mention the long list of pros and cons that you will read about the materials that are used in making them. (Most of which is hype to sell a particular brand or type at an insanely high price.) All of these things can be quite overwhelming.

Here’s some information that may help you to sort all of this out so you can get a good picture of the “window landscape.”

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What Are Single Hung Replacement Windows?

What Are Double Hung Replacement Windows?

Double Hung Vs Single Hung

Is Vinyl Your Best Or Worst Choice for Replacement Windows?

What Is Air Infiltration?

What Makes A Good Window “Good”?