Double Hung Replacement Windows

A Zen Windows Double Hung Window shown from the exterior.



Tilt in windows are easy to clean.



The sashes on the Zen Windows Double Hung Windows can be lifted and tilted in.


What Is A Double Hung Window?

A double hung window is basically a type of window that’s made with two sashes inside a frame that can be lifted up and down to regulate airflow. Traditionally, both sashes were hung within the frame through counterweights, which were also responsible in keeping the sashes in place while being raised. These days, manufacturers rarely use counterweights. Instead, they utilize either spring balances or steel coils. They perform the same functions as the counterweights in balancing the weight of the sashes as the latter are being raised and lowered.

Why Double Hung Windows Are Worth Considering

Today, double hungs are considered the most popular window type in the U.S. At Zen Windows Austin, they come with several innovative and practical features:

  • Durability and ease of operation: Equipped with either Endura-Force™ or Certa-Force™ balances, each of our double hungs offers strength and convenience. Both of the sashes can be lifted and lowered with very minimal effort required.
  • Easy cleaning from inside the home: Their tilt in feature makes cleaning an easy chore. With a push of a button located at either side of the sash, the windows can be turned making it possible to clean your double hungs even from inside your home. This makes the task a whole lot easier.
  • Minimal air infiltration: Zen double hung windows are especially designed to prevent significant air leakage.
  • Innovative sill designs: The innovative sill designs which create a strong bond with the jamb enables the double hungs to provide maximum protection against very tough weather conditions.
  • Energy efficient glass packages: To make the most out of their energy performance, we offer a number of glass packages that will enable our double hungs to meet your energy efficiency needs at home.
  • Added convenience: With vent stops designed into all of our double hungs, you can have the option to open your windows just halfway. The sash will stay in place and won’t be knocked off even with strong gusts of wind.

In addition to these useful and innovative features, Zen double hungs are offered in affordable price options to meet all types of budget.

Still trying to figure out which type of window is best for your home? Contact Zen Windows Austin for more information.