What Is Air Infiltration?

Lower Your Energy Bills With Better Constructed Windows

Zen Windows Austin Exceeds Industry Standards

Vinyl Windows And Air Infiltration

All windows – regardless of material or construction – will leak a certain amount of air. The key is to get a window with such low air infiltration as to make any air penetration insignificant.

Zen’s vinyl windows in Austin TX are great examples. They are designed and manufactured to make air infiltration a non-factor and to keep your home at comfortable temperatures all year-round. In fact, our vinyl windows have been tested and proven to keep air leakage to exceedingly small amounts – easily beating industry standards for air infiltration.

Why Do Some Windows Leak More Amounts Of Air Than Others?

It is all about the manufacturing process. First, a window that is tight and precisely constructed helps keep air infiltration to an absolute minimum. Just as important are features included in the design of the window: built-in airlocks, weather-stripping, and barriers. Without these, it is easy for air to find its way out between the sashes and other parts of the windows.

At Zen Windows, we know how leaky windows impact your heating and cooling bills – having bad windows is like literally throwing your money out your windows. We install windows manufactured to exceed industry expectations. The result is a vinyl window that is by far the most energy efficient, even beating similar windows from big name manufacturers.