What Makes A Good Vinyl Window?

Vinyl is best for replacement winodws

Vinyl windows can have the look of wood with the maintenance-free attributes of vinyl. 



Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.


Welded corners prevent air from leaking through the corners.


Insulated glass unit showing three panes of glass and two Super Spacers.


How to Spot Good Quality Vinyl Double Hung Windows

You have to focus on the overall design of a vinyl double hung window to ensure quality. Basically, a well-designed double hung can provide you with high energy performance, minimal air leakage, durability, and longevity. To spot a well-designed unit, keep these six elements in mind when shopping for your double hungs.

  1. Interlocks: One indication of a well-designed double hung is when its sashes interlock with each other and the window frame. This can form a strong barrier against air leakage.
  2. Reinforced meeting rails: For better and more effective insulating properties on your units, look for non-metal reinforcement. Ideally, it is more preferable than the metal ones since it is five times stronger than steel and 100’s of times more insulation value than aluminum. The level of quality can significantly minimize cold transfer.
  3. Foam filled frame and sashes: When the windows are made of vinyl, they instantly have the edge over other window types because of their multi-chambered construction, which is not found in other alternative materials. This is where the foam insulation is injected into the spaces to enable vinyl windows to provide maximum energy efficiency.
  4. Weather-stripping: The amount and type of weather stripping added into your double hungs can determine how well they perform in preventing energy loss. Find those with multiple weather-stripping around their sashes.
  5. Welded corners: Most window types are mechanically joined in the corners which tend to loosen over time allowing a significant amount of air to leak. Look for double hung windows with corner joints welded together. This will make it almost impossible for air to get out of your home, plus it will give your windows a more professional and clean finish.
  6. Insulated glass: The type of glass you use in your windows can have a huge impact in their performance. To take full advantage of their energy saving properties, you can choose from our many variations of insulated glass packages to meet your energy needs in your home.

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