Which Is Better… Vinyl Or Non-Vinyl?

Are Vinyl Windows A Bad Choice For Austin Homes?

Busting Common Myths About Vinyl Windows

Why Vinyl Windows are Preferable To Non-Vinyl Windows

Many Austin window contractors that sell non-vinyl windows are quick to say that vinyl windows are not a good choice. But a close look at the actual facts shows that to be a false statement.

For example, companies that sell only fiberglass windows tell a fabulous story about how strong their windows are. It’s true, too. Fiberglass is much more rigid and stiff than vinyl. The problem is that extra strength doesn’t provide any real advantage.

This is because windows are not load bearing – it’s not like they are holding up your ceiling, walls, or roof. What matters for window strength is can they stand up in a storm. Vinyl windows (the ones we sell anyway) are strong enough to be certified in hurricane prone areas.

In other words, vinyl windows are plenty strong enough where it counts.

7 More Reasons Why Vinyl Windows Are The Best Choice

Getting vinyl replacement windows in Austin TX means opting for low maintenance units. While other window types may need special cleaning products, vinyl windows just need soap and water for cleaning. In addition, they don’t call for regular or constant upkeep and maintenance to enable them to perform at their optimum potential.
High quality vinyl windows (that means – made with virgin vinyl) can offer durability and longevity. They can last far longer than any wood or metal windows. In addition, they don’t rot or deteriorate through the years, but will maintain their structural integrity. When you purchase your vinyl windows from us, you will have the support and protection you need for your windows as they come with a lifetime warranty.
Maintain Shape & Color
Vinyl windows which are made of “virgin vinyl” (no recycled product in it) hold their shape and color even in Texas heat. It is the cheap vinyl windows and plastic patio furniture that you hear all the sad stories about. The key is a metal compound added into the extrusion process that prevents UV from fading or changing the “whiteness” for the life of the window. (In Zen’s case, that’s a lifetime warranty!) Most patio furniture does not have that added feature, so it fades.
Superior Construction
The frame and sash corners of our vinyl windows are welded together enabling them to keep air leakage at a minimum. In comparison, the corners of fiberglass, wood and metal windows are, in most cases, mechanically joined. This type of joint tends to loosen up overtime creating gaps from which a significant amount of air can get in and out. While this can be caulked to address the issue, the caulking will not last forever. After a while, it will deteriorate causing the same problem to come up once again.
Easy Operation
Zen Vinyl windows are easy and simple to operate because of their smooth-action balance systems. Sliding the sashes requires very minimal effort on your part.
Energy Efficiency
By opting for vinyl windows, you have instant advantage in terms of energy performance. Compared to alternate options, vinyl is a superb material for the design and construction of high performing windows. Vinyl windows can be manufactured with things like interlock designs, air barriers, and multi-chambered extrusions. These all play an important role in your vinyl windows performing at an optimum level in energy efficiency.
Beautiful Choices
To improve their aesthetic appeal, vinyl windows are now offered in a wide range of color options thanks to an innovative PVC coating technique, the SureCoat™ Standard Exterior PVC Bond Colors. The exterior of vinyl windows can now be painted with virtually any shade of your choice. At Zen Windows, you can choose from our 14 standard shades and unlimited custom colors in addition to the default white, beige, brown.

What About Wood Windows?

We’re sometimes asked how vinyl stacks up against wood windows. Wood windows are undeniably beautiful in a traditional way. But the drawbacks and cost of wood windows are significant.

The biggest issue associated with wood windows is heavy maintenance. If maintenance is not done (and sometimes even when it is), wood windows will swell, rot, warp, and deteriorate. Wood is also subject to insect infestation.

None of these issues occur with vinyl windows. This material simply won’t rot, even when constantly exposed to all outdoor elements.