How Can We Give An Accurate Quote Without Coming To Your Home?

You’ve heard the expression, “Size doesn’t matter.”  Well, with replacement windows it doesn’t. Not that much anyway. 🙂

In making windows at a factory, the biggest expense is not the materials. EVERY window is custom made for every opening. There is no such thing as a “standard sized window.” So, what this means is that no matter what size a window is, every window has to have the same number of steps in setting up the jig. Every custom made window requires the same number of welds, the same number of components etc. These things do not change just because one window is 22″ x 30″ and another window is 36″ x 50″.

As far as the materials needed to make a window of 5 sq. ft or 12 sq. ft., believe it or not, there just isn’t that much cost difference in the glass or vinyl. When you compare the difference to a $400 window… if we get it wrong in the quote, it’s really nothing that I as a Zen owner am going to lose sleep over.  There is a point where it does make a bit more difference and that’s when you get into windows over 17 sq. ft.  That’s why we ask you for the size of your largest window and how many are that size or close to that size.  BUT… even at that, if we get that wrong, it’s not a death sentence and won’t put us in the throws of bankruptcy. I won’t have to pull my daughter out of college or anything like that if I get that wrong. It’s just not a deal killer.

All that to say this… Replacement windows is not that complicated and the tolerances for giving a quote that both of us can live with don’t require a visit to your home just to give you an accurate quote. By doing business this way, we are able to cut our expenses WAY down and in turn pass that on to our customers. As much as I’d like to meet you, I’d rather do that when we are installing your windows, not just to give you a quote that I can give you with the answers to a few easy questions over the phone or via email and save you time and money in the process.