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Window & Door Installation in Bastrop, TX

Full-length double-hung windows in a dining room

Most of our Bastrop homes were built in the 1990s. Most windows don’t last much longer than 20 years, so if your home is in its third or even fourth decade, your once-new windows are likely ready for replacement.

Once you’ve chosen the style, materials, and date, how long will your window installation in Bastrop take? We’ll guesstimate, of course, but we’ll know more once we begin. Some replacement windows slide easily into old window framing and fit snugly. Some window frames need adjustments.

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Window Installation in Bastrop, TX

Form and function: That’s what you want in a replacement window. Have you always wanted a kitchen garden window? Your replacement window choices are unlimited. We also offer a wide range of colors and styles to fit your home perfectly.

Our energy-efficient window styles include:

  • Awning: Top hinges allow the panes to swing outward
  • Bay: Generally have three windows projecting outward from the home
  • Bow: Have four or more windows for a curved appearance
  • Casement: Hinged on the side and open like doors to swing outside; usually with a crank
  • Double-hung: Two operating sashes that slide up and down for better ventilation and safety
  • Hopper: Have bottom hinges, allowing panes to swing inward
  • Picture: A solid, uninterrupted view; these one-pane windows don’t open
  • Round-top: Beauty and sophistication inside and out
  • Slider: One pane slides over the other in a horizontal motion
  • Special shape: Geometric or curved? What do you need? Zen Windows Austin has it!

We offer three replacement window lines. One will be sure to meet your qualifications, and none of them compromises quality:

  • Karma double-pane
    • High-performance Low-E coating
    • Intercept® warm-edge spacer system
    • Thermal argon gas layer
  • Nirvana double-strength
    • Certa-Force balance system
    • Foam insulation-filled frames
    • Intercept warm-edge spacers
    • High-performance Low-E coating
    • Reinforced stainless steel frames
  • Lotus
    • Two high-performance Low-E coatings
    • Double-strength glass
    • Low-profile tilt latches
    • Super Spacer® warm-edge sealing system
    • Triple-pane glass
    • Ultra S™ glass system

Your Bastrop, TX, home’s value will increase with replacement windows or doors. And in a competitive real estate market, your home will be a standout!

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Energy-Efficient Window Materials

The two best window materials in Texas are fiberglass and vinyl. Both have protection against the weather extremes we often see in Bastrop County, and both have the Zen Windows lifetime warranty because they’re strong, durable, and energy-efficient. So which window material is best?

Fiberglass Windows

  • 100% resistant to insects
  • Cost more
  • Customizable
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; cleans with soap and water
  • Energy efficiency: Frames/glass panes expand and contract at the same rate for a tighter seal
  • Strength/durability: May have a 38% longer life span than other materials
  • Recyclable: Made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable
  • Won’t crack, fade, rot, rust, or warp

Vinyl Windows

  • 100% resistant to insects
  • Cost less
  • Customizable
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; cleans with soap and water
  • Energy efficiency: Welded to prevent seal failure
  • Strength/durability: Guaranteed for life
  • Recyclable: Superior vinyl is recyclable
  • Won’t crack, fade, rot, rust, or warp

When you ask questions, you make informed decisions. Call 512-647-1707 or contact Zen Windows Austin to learn more today.

External Door Replacement in Bastrop, TX

Black front door with decorative glass panels and sidelitesWhen you need a side, patio, or front entry door, you could attempt a DIY install, but it’s risky: You may void your warranty, compromise security, or lose money heating and cooling the outdoors.

Entry Doors

Energy-efficient, beautiful Zen Windows entry doors are visitors’ first impression of your home. Our entry doors are ENERGY STAR®-certified, so you may qualify for a federal tax credit (ask your tax professional). Our hardware offers superior safety features, and we practice industry-best installation.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are big in Texas! Enjoy the scenery, watch the kids, and carry food to and from your backyard barbecue. Zen Windows Austin patio doors are extra-secure, safe, and a leader in energy efficiency products.

The only agenda we have is yours. Your windows project is ready when you are! Call 512-647-1707 or contact Zen Windows Austin.

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