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Window Types Offered By Zen Windows


High end vinyl windows are both durable and convenient to use, which is why they’re considered as an excellent choice for people who are looking for replacement windows in Austin TX. Vinyl is a very versatile material from which a really wide range of designs can be produced. Plus, it’s really easy to maintain so you don’t have to worry about it getting easily worn out. Vinyl windows come in a wide selection of colors and designs. This gives them the versatility that’s needed to fit everybody’s personal tastes and preferences.

NOTE: Companies that sell only fiberglass windows tell a fabulous story about how strong their windows are. It is true, fiberglass is much more rigid and stiff than vinyl. However, vinyl windows are as strong as a window needs to be… even if you plan to stand on them. Huh?
   #1. Windows are not load bearing. So they don’t play a role in holding up your ceiling or roof.
  #2. Vinyl windows (the ones we sell anyway) are strong enough to be certified in hurricane prone areas.
   #3. Vinyl windows which are made of “virgin vinyl” (no recycled product in it) hold their shape and color even in Texas heat. It is the cheap vinyl windows and plastic patio furniture that you hear all the sad stories about.
   #4. Quality vinyl windows (like Zen has) have a metal compound added into the extrusion process that prevents UV from fading or changing the “whiteness” for the life of the window. (In Zen’s case, that’s a lifetime warranty!) Most patio furniture does not have that added feature.


Woodgrain Vinyl WindowsWood windows are certainly a good choice for a very “high end” look. The only issue with them is that they tend to deteriorate at a much faster rate than even a low end vinyl window. With wood windows, unless you are very lucky, you will likely find that you have to replace them again in 15 – 20 years. A quality virgin vinyl window however will last as long as the house.

Fortunately there is a solution that combines the look of wood with the longevity of a well made vinyl window.  The picture you see here is actually vinyl windows with a woodgrain laminate. These windows look just like wood windows but never swell, stick or rot!

Options in Color and Look

With Zen Windows Austin, you don’t have to get plain white windows.  Your options include a whole range of colors and interior laminates. What would your choice be for your window color and styling? Would you like to have the elegant look of wood windows? Do you want beige, brown or bronze on the exterior?

Color and Laminate Option from Zen Windows

Replacement Windows By Zen

With the increasing advancements in technology that have been used in the design and production of windows, now is the best time for you to consider getting replacement windows for your home if you want to give it a new and fresher look.

Do you want to get replacement windows so you can save money using energy-efficient models? Or perhaps, you’re considering getting replacement windows so you can spice up the overall look of your house? Whatever your reason may be, you don’t have to look any further. At Zen Windows we make sure that we provide replacement windows with designs and prices that are sure to meet your needs. In addition to providing beautiful and energy-efficient windows, we also commit ourselves to being open about talking about the costs.

Zen Windows is the leading retailer of replacement windows here in Austin, Texas. We take pride in the wide variety of replacement windows that we have to offer. Our wide selection of designs is intended to meet and satisfy the need of any size and type of remodeling project. Aside from offering the designs that you need for your project, we also make sure that your shopping experience with us is as painless as possible. Click on the picture of the replacement window style that you think will be suit your tastes and preferences. You can also go through the selection of replacement windows that we have in stock by looking at the different options listed under the Replacement Windows tab at the top of this page.

When you shop at Zen Windows, you don’t have to be bothered or worried about going through a long and painstaking process or letting high pressure salesmen in your house just to get the replacement windows that you want. We strive to provide a positive experience to our clients through our no money down guarantee and our commitment to having your installing windows installed by our certified installation crews. This is our own unique way of showing our clients that we want to make their search for the perfect replacement windows, as easy as possible. If you want to get an online quote for free, please feel free to do so by clicking on the “Contact Us” box at the top of this page.

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