Hopper Windows For Austin, TX Homes

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Hopper window replacements in Austin TX are single style windows like casements. These replacement windows are opened through their hinges. They have their hinges installed at the bottom which means that they open inward from the top. Hopper windows also come with a small lever handle, which is used to operate them. To provide extra security, the lever handle is designed to fit into the locking mechanism. Hopper replacement windows are often used in small areas such as basements and bathrooms.

A hopper window is good to use because it improves air circulation to a huge extent and brings in good amounts of natural light too rooms that normally lack outside exposure. They are also known for their versatility because they open up completely. This is why they are often used in small spaces. Other types of replacement windows don’t have this particular feature specifically slider windows. Slider windows allow air to pass through completely because they open up entirely from the top. Despite their small size, hopper windows are sometimes installed above larger sized windows.

Zen Windows Austin gives fast and accurate quotes on hopper windows. If you do move forward with us, please know that we don’t take deposits – you won’t pay anything until your windows are installed and you’re happy.