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Bay Windows in Austin, TX

Improve Your Austin Home’s Curb Appeal With New Bay Windows

If you’re looking to enjoy added space, impressive unique beauty, and a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style, bay windows are an excellent option for your next window replacement or installation. The team at Zen Windows Austin can not only provide top-quality bay windows sourced from trusted, reputably manufacturers for your home, but we can also professionally install your bay windows according to all modern best practices so that they’re to spec and ready to wow for years to come.

If you’re looking for bay window installers in the Austin area, look no further — Zen Windows Austin can provide everything you need. Call us at(512) 647-1707 or message us online for a simple, quick quote or to ask questions or schedule appointments.

What Are Bay Windows?

bay window from exterior of a house

Bay windows are a classic window style, with roots in the 16th century. Various forms of bay windows are common in Victorian, Tudor-style, and Craftsman homes, though they can blend beautifully with nearly any architectural style. At their most basic, a bay window is any window that projects outward from your home, creating a box or arc that adds usable space via a shelf or seating space, which is the bay.

A bay window traditionally uses a single large picture window in the center — meaning an inoperable center window that can’t open — flanked by smaller windows to either side, which may or may not be operable, depending on the design. These flanking windows can be of a variety of different styles, from inoperable picture windows to awning, casement, or double-hung windows.

Bay windows notably take up quite a lot of space on your wall, but in exchange, they produce additional usable space inside of your home. Bay windows can vary significantly in size, of course, ranging from not much larger than a traditional single-hung window to the span of an entire wall.

The Advantages of Bay Windows in Texas

  • Panoramic views and natural light: Bay windows are beautiful and make the rooms they occupy beautiful, adding an incredible view and plenty of natural light to any room.
  • Additional, unique, usable space: The bay of a bay window can be decorative space — but it can also be a seating area or hold shelves or drawers for storage.
  • Optional ventilation: Whether you want to stick to inoperable picture windows to reduce drafts or go for operable windows to let in the fresh air, the choice is yours.
  • Added home value: Bay windows are highly sought after, and they will consistently improve the value of your home by their addition.

What’s the Difference Between Bay & Bow Windows?

These two types of windows are frequently confused, and for good reason: Both extend from your home, adding indoor space, and have an arc on the exterior. A bay window uses a large central window flanked by smaller windows, while a bow window tends to use four or more equally sized panes. This gives a bow window a smoother arc with a less boxy appearance than a bay window.

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The Zen Windows Austin team is always ready to make choosing and installing new replacement bay windows as easy as possible. Our painless quote process, no-money-down guarantee, and direct access to the owner and other professionals ensure a superior experience for every customer, every time.

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