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The phrase “pretty as a picture” describes what picture windows are all about. Picture windows’ characteristic large openings frame your view with unobstructed glass and vast sightlines. Picture windows fall into the fixed-window category since they don’t open. But this means they offer airtight energy efficiency along with ample light.

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What Are Picture Windows?

Picture Window Installation & Replacement in Washington DC

Open a room without sacrificing space with the flat, large design of a picture window. Picture windows improve overall energy efficiency since they don’t open. They also offer an abundance of light to any space and can be used in conjunction with other window styles to add architectural interest and functionality. Picture windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your designing needs. They’re also well suited for homes with vaulted ceilings. Use that height to your advantage by installing a picture window to both illuminate your space and add a memorable effect.

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The Pros and Cons of Picture Windows

The benefits of picture windows far outweigh the disadvantages for most homeowners. Consider both when making your decision about whether you wish to install one. The benefits of picture windows include:

  • More natural light. The simple design of picture windows allows them to be manufactured larger than most other types of windows. A large window opening means you can enjoy more natural light during the day.
  • Energy efficiency. Because picture windows are tightly sealed, they don’t allow air and water leaks. Zen Windows Austin adds energy-saving features like low-E coatings and warm-edge spacers to make these windows hard to beat for energy savings.
  • Maintenance and cost. Since picture windows don’t have any moving components, they are easy to maintain, and they cost less than windows with mechanical parts that need repair and replacement over time.
  • A natural heat source. Climates that experience low winter temps benefit from the natural heat picture windows can bring to a home from the sunlight they let in.

Picture windows have few cons besides the lack of ventilation and possibly producing more sun-related heat during different times of the year than you might want. Also, the larger expanse of glass means there is more area at risk for a break.

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What to Expect with a Picture Window Installation

Start your picture window project with a team of professional installers to experience greater peace of mind that your window investment is solid and lasting. Zen Windows Austin has the experience you need to get the most out of your new picture window with an easy and enjoyable process.

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