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Take your window views to the next level with a round-top window installation project. Elevate your perspective with the elegance and charm that comes with a round-top design. Engage the professionals who are committed to quality products, customer care, and installation. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of a professional window installation project done by skilled technicians who have your best interests at heart.

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What Are Round-Top Windows?

Round Top Window Installation & Replacement in Washington DC

Round-top windows allow you to put your signature style on any new or old home. Install them as an accent window above a rectangular window or above an entry door for eye-catching appeal. Round-top windows are designed for better energy efficiency and performance wherever you choose to install them.

Round-top windows allow homeowners to practice their creativity since they can be manufactured in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some of the most popular round-top windows include:

  • Fixed arch windows: Add a timeless appeal to your modern home with the old elegance of a fixed arch window. Arched windows boost architectural interest while adding beautiful, natural light.
  • Single-hung arch windows: Featuring a sash-over-sash design, these windows allow ventilation through the movable bottom sash. These windows also tilt inward, making them easier to clean.
  • Double-hung arch windows: Double-hung windows are among the most popular styles in today’s homes. These arch windows provide improved functionality since they open from both the top and bottom.
  • Arch-top casement windows: Operate these windows using side-operating sashes. They open from either the left or right side.

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The Pros and Cons of Round-Top Windows

One of the biggest advantages of round-top windows is their unique, singular look. These windows work as stand-alone windows or can be paired with another for extra aesthetic impact. They offer designers a plethora of sizes, from petite accent windows to expansive domes. Round-top windows can serve as a focal point in a room while bringing in more natural light.

The disadvantages of round-top windows really come down to cost and functionality. Some custom designs drive up the cost compared to other window options ― which may be well worth it for the aesthetic impact you’ll get. Also, some styles have fixed frames, so they can let in light but can’t be opened for ventilation.

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What to Expect with a Round-Top Window Installation

Installing an arched window is no DIY job. Installation can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with how to properly size the opening for the arched shape rather than your traditional square windows. Partnering with a professional window installer guarantees that they will properly frame your window, saving you money and time and ultimately improving performance.

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