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Compare Types of Replacement Windows in Austin, TX

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Thanks to technology, replacement window materials are more secure and stronger than ever. You have choices when considering replacement windows in Travis County. When you weigh the pros and cons of the most popular window materials — fiberglass, vinyl, and wood — how can you be sure you’re getting the best material at the best price?

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Austin Homeowners’ Comparison Guide to Replacement Window Materials

The Zen Windows difference you’ve heard about includes the finest customer care you’ve ever experienced and superior window solutions. No hassle. We believe the best time for your window replacement is when you’re ready, so we won’t pressure you to “do it now” before “prices go up.” We offer a lifetime warranty, so we stand behind our products and installation expertise.

Most windows last about 20 years, but vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows can last 40+ years.

As you compare fiberglass, vinyl, and wood replacement windows, you can be sure Zen Windows Austin products are the most energy-efficient available. Our top-rated installation guarantees a perfect seal: every window, every time.

A window replacement offers one of the highest returns on investment (ROIs) of any home improvement. Let’s plan your project!

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Weighing the Pros & Cons of Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Wood Windows

With security always a priority, choosing the best replacement windows material can be difficult. Here are the pros and cons of the leading window materials:


The beauty of wood is undeniable, which is why most replacement windows have a wood-grain texture and appearance.


  • Beauty
  • Naturally, efficiently conduct heat/cold


  • Cost more
  • Expand and contract with changing weather, which can make windows difficult to open or drafty over time
  • High maintenance
  • Rot and warp
  • Vulnerable to insect infestations

Wood windows require frequent maintenance and repainting, and they’re more vulnerable to damage than fiberglass or vinyl. They also come with a heftier price tag.


A row of fiberglass windows on the back of a home

Fiberglass is a composite of glass, polyester, and resins. Fiberglass replacement windows are attractive, high-quality products.


  • Are more easily recyclable
  • Can be shaped to fit any opening
  • Come in many colors/textures
  • Cost less than wood
  • Glass panes/fiberglass frames expand/contract the same
  • Low maintenance
  • More durable than wood; slightly more than vinyl
  • Stronger than vinyl
  • Welded corners provide a good seal
  • Variety of customizations
    • Colors
    • Grid styles
    • Single-, double-, or triple-pane low-E glass
    • Woodgrains available


  • Cost more than vinyl
  • High maintenance if painted
  • If fastened with screws, are more vulnerable to weather effects
  • Installation often takes longer
  • May be weak in key areas

Fiberglass replacement windows are considered by many to be a better option than vinyl. Most homeowners feel lower-cost vinyl is equally safe and energy-efficient.


New vinyl windows on a faux-stucco home

All vinyl is not created equal. Low-quality vinyl is typically made of recycled vinyl products, which add plastic to the mix. This addition can affect the window’s performance.

To tell the difference between low- and high-quality vinyl, check for ENERGY STAR® and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels. High-quality vinyl windows meet the requirements for Texas Climate Zone 3.

Low-quality vinyl:

  • Can eventually detract from home’s appearance
  • Fade or discolor over time
  • Label says “recycled vinyl”
  • Look like plastic
  • Much less energy-efficient
  • Very low cost

All Zen Windows Austin vinyl replacement windows are high-quality.


  • Are fusion-welded; stronger than fiberglass in key areas
  • Cost less than fiberglass and wood
  • Don’t look like plastic
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • More durable than wood
  • More glass/less frame for more view/natural light
  • Variety of customizations
    • Colors
    • Grid styles
    • Single-, double-, or triple-pane low-E glass
    • Woodgrains


  • Expand/contract slightly
  • Shouldn’t be painted

Zen Windows Austin vinyl replacement windows provide maximum value for a lower price. They’re beautiful, durable, energy-efficient, and require very little upkeep.

When you choose Zen Windows, you’ve made the best choice! Your replacement windows will be a beautiful, high-quality addition to your home’s value.

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Vinyl vs. Fiberglass vs. Wood Windows

Now that you can see vinyl and fiberglass are your two best options, which should you choose?

  • Fiberglass, if a particular aesthetic is the primary goal
  • High-quality vinyl, if pricing and energy efficiency are the main concerns

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