Working With Zen

Getting Window Replacement In Austin & San Antonio The Relaxed, No-Pressure Way.

Better Prices For Top-Quality Windows

There are 4 big differences between Zen Windows and most Austin and San Antonio replacement window companies. As you shop for the best window contractor, consider these 4 points.

Difference #1 We Make Getting A Quote Much Faster & Easier.

The truth is most Austin and San Antonio window companies are stuck in the past. Many want to meet you for an in-home sales presentation that can last hours. They insist that “all the decision-makers must be present” (so they can push you for a sale on the spot). And they use old-school pressure techniques like “BUY TODAY” or you lose your discount.

At Zen Windows, we’ve eliminated ALL of that.

Here’s a very quick outline of how our process works.

You can call or fill out a form on our site. We’ll ask you a few questions about what you want. This will take about 3-10 minutes on the phone. (This can also be accomplished via email if you prefer.)

Then we’ll email you a quote – sometimes in as little as 5 minutes! Then, if and when you want to proceed, our installation foreman will come out to measure and order your windows.

For more on our quote process, visit our 5 Minute Quotes page.

Difference #2 Our Prices Are Better For The Same (Or Better) Quality Windows.

We cut out what doesn’t matter in the window replacement process and that keeps our prices lower for the same or better-quality windows.

Here are just two examples of what we do to keep our prices very reasonable.

We don’t have a salesforce, so we don’t have to pay any salesman’s commissions. You’ll deal directly with the Zen Windows owner.

We don’t have to pay the cost of a fancy showroom, and we don’t have to pay for a large staff to run our replacement window showroom. Visit our video showroom instead.

Want to know more about why our prices are so good for such high-quality replacement windows? Visit our Better Pricing page.

Difference #3 We Guarantee Your Satisfaction And Back It Up By Refusing Any Payments Until The Job Is Done 100% Right.

You can probably find some other Austin and San Antonio window contractors willing to say, ‘satisfaction guaranteed.’ But we take it a step further, and leave you in control. That’s because we don’t take ANY payment until the job is done and you are satisfied.

When Zen Windows says ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed,’ we mean it and back it up with real accountability. We’re not getting paid unless we keep our promise!

Visit our Zen Guarantee page to discover more.

Difference #4 We Have A Real Lifetime Warranty.

Our warranty is a TRUE lifetime warranty. It covers every window and patio door we sell, and as long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend another dime on your windows.

This means we pay for the window, glass, installation, and trip expenses. There is no fine print (exclusions), and the warranty is fully transferable every time the home sells.

Many Austin and San Antonio window companies will say “Lifetime Warranty” but it will be a pro-rated warranty where you lose coverage over time. And often things like workmanship are excluded completely.

For more on just how good our warranty is, please visit our Lifetime Warranty page.

You may notice one common theme with all 4 of these differences: everything is designed to be in favor of YOU, the homeowner. You’re our customer and paying us (and only paying after you’re 100% satisfied!). Shouldn’t all companies treat you this way?

To experience that fastest and most pressure-free quote on replacement windows in Austin, call, email, or click ‘Get My Quote’ below. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy we make it!