About Zen Windows

Looking for the best replacement windows in Austin that fit both your style and your home’s theme doesn’t necessarily have to be a gruesomely long and boring process like most people think it is. This was something that the founder of Zen Windows, Dan Wolt, wanted to change in the window replacement industry when he started his company in 1986.

 When Zen Windows first started, the window business was not gentle and kind. People had to go through what seemed to be an endless brigade of high pressure sales tactics and had to deal with rowdy workers who come and go from their homes on their own schedules. Zen Windows wanted to change this because this manner of doing business would clearly burn people out on both ends of the deal. One of the things that made such possible was that Zen Windows committed itself to providing its clients a no-money-down guarantee. (See the video above to understand why.) In this way, people won’t have to worry about getting inferior replacement windows installed by substandard installers. The company has high standards for quality and we want people to get to enjoy their new replacement windows first before they pay us.

Zen Windows Austin TX will follow these same principles as we want to provide the best shopping experience for all of our clients as much as possible. We will never ask you for any money up front. Getting you the replacement windows that you want and having them properly installed are our main priorities. You won’t have to pay us a single dime until we get the job done and you’re satisfied.

Give us a call or send us an email today. We’ll give you a quote in 5 minutes with no strings attached.  That also means that we’re not going to be hounding you about ordering after we give your our quote. The way we figure it, you’re an adult. If you want our windows, you’ll let us know.

Central Texas Areas Served

  • Austin, TX
  • Bastrop, TX
  • Belton, TX
  • Buda, TX
  • Burnet, TX
  • Cedar Park, TX
  • Dripping Springs, TX
  • Elgin, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Waco TX


  • Hutto, TX
  • Killeen, TX
  • Kyle, TX
  • Lago Vista, TX
  • Lake Travis, TX
  • Lakeway, TX
  • Leander, TX
  • Liberty Hill, TX
  • Lockhart, TX
  • Giddings TX


  • Manor, TX
  • Marble Fall, TX
  • Pflugerville, TX
  • Round Rock, TX
  • San Marcos, TX
  • New Braunfels TX
  • Taylor, TX
  • Temple, TX
  • West Lake Hills, TX
  • Wimberly, TX
  • La Grange TX