Zen Windows Was Created To Be Different

No Pressure… No Games…Just Beautiful New Windows.

Way back in 1986, a man named Dan Wolt came up with an idea to turn the window replacement industry on its head.

He knew many homeowners were sick and tired of the same old way of shopping for replacement windows. First, you had to put up with high-pressure sales tactics and quotes with hidden fees and pricing games. Then, when it came time to get your windows installed, you weren’t always sure who was doing the installing and if you could count on them to show up when they said they would.

(Of course, some of that has improved, but sorry to say there are still a lot of window contractors where that still goes on. For instance, you’ll find many Austin window replacement companies that insist you must sit through a high-pressure sales visit just to get a simple quote).

Dan Wolt decided to reject the typical way of high-pressure sales and mediocre service. He founded the first Zen Windows in Ohio 30 years ago. Not only did he reject a long-drawn out quote process, he also took the risk of refusing any money until the job was done. People love this model, because it makes the window contractor accountable to the homeowner.

The concept continues to grow in popularity and there are now Zen Window companies across the country. But here’s the great thing: Zen Windows has NOT grown into one of those big, faceless organizations where you can’t get personal service.

That’s because Zen Windows are owned locally by hands-on people that care and who invest their own time and money in running the business day-to-day. To learn more about our owner, Dan Hatcher, please visit our ‘About The Owner’ page.

To discover more about exactly why Zen Windows is such a fresh approach to replacement window shopping, visit our Working With Zen page.

If you’d like to me the next happy homeowner with our stress-free, ‘no-payment-until-you’re satisfied’ guarantee, get your fast, free quote now.