A TRULY LIFETIME Window Warranty

You Won’t Find A Better Window Warranty In Austin

You sometimes hear “lifetime warranty” on windows, but does that make you wonder about what is really covered for a lifetime? And do you wonder if you have full coverage – not pro-rated – for a lifetime?

With Zen Windows Austin, a lifetime warranty means a lifetime warranty.

We can’t speak for other Austin window companies, but we can be clear about our warranty. With Zen Windows Austin, a lifetime warranty means a lifetime warranty.

Here is more detail so you can compare it to any other window or patio door warranty you find:

Our warranty covers every window and patio door we sell, and as long as your home is still standing, you’ll never have to spend another dime on your windows.

This means we pay for the window, glass, installation, and trip expenses. There is no fine print (exclusions), and the warranty is fully transferable every time the home sells.

Not all lifetime warranties are like this, that’s why you should ask questions of any window contractor you are considering.

Always Ask What Is Really Included In “Lifetime Coverage”?

Here are a couple of examples of warranty “loopholes”:

  • The window itself is covered… but the workmanship is not. This means that if the company installed it wrong, you might have no coverage for the problem.
  • Often lifetime warranties are pro-rated, meaning the percentage that’s covered is reduced over time. By the end of the warranty, you are paying for most of the repair or replacement costs.

At Zen Windows, those are not issues – you have full coverage. We even cover Glass Breakage for a lifetime – even if it’s because the kid from the neighborhood throws his baseball through it.

Our Lifetime Warranty is also transferrable and contains none of the fine print, loopholes, or exclusions you find in many replacement window warranties.